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Featured Products

View all horseRAP_brand_plural - Fore-Leg Cold Therapy for Horses

Our horseRAP_brand_plural line features both cold therapy and wound care treatment options that make the task of treating your horse easier, while providing the care your horse needs.

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View duoPAK_brand_singular - Pain Relief, Cold Therapy Treatment for Horses

Unlike ice, our duoPAK_brand_singular is a unique powder that provides the appropriate temperature for therapeutic cooling of the tendons. It conforms to the shape of the leg; providing a more uniform distribution of pain relief, cold therapy and compression. Each horseRAP_brand_singular comes with one duoPAK_brand_singular .

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View all Suppiles - Name Brand Equine Medical Care Products

We offer a variety of name brand medical products to better assist you when providing Equine medical care.

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