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SolEquine™ Equine Medical Care Supplies and Pain Relief Products for Horses

SolEquine™ Insulated duoPAK® Bag
Insulated duoPAK® Bag

Use our duoPAK® bag to store multiple duoPAKs® when you're on the go. It holds 8 of our small (6”x9”) duoPAKs® or 6 of our large (6”x12”) duoPAKs®.

  • Fully Insulated double zipper main compartment
  • Front pocket features zipper opening
  • Adjustable carrying strap
  • Back features open mesh pocket
  • Size: 9" x 6.5" x 6"
  • EQ-4008: Equine Cooler Bag for $11.40

The self-adherent elastic wrap for horses that functions like a tape, but sticks to itself. Suggested applications include light support and securing, compression dressings and partial immobilization.

  • 4” x 5 yards
  • 6” x 5 yards
  • EQ-4009: COBAN® 4 X 5 Yards for $4.62
  • EQ-4010: COBAN® 6 X 5 Yards for $7.20
Kendall WEBRIL® Undercast Padding

The RAP n ROLL™ is an instrument designed to apply self adherent wrap/roll materials without having to hold the material while it is being applied. This allows ease of application without injury to the hands or compressing the roll adherent, making it difficult to unwrap. Can be used, but is not limited to post surgical care or wound care.

  • Doesn't compress self adhering tape
  • Made of aluminum for maximum durability
  • Easy to grip handle
  • Decreases any additional manual contact to the injured area
  • Increases control of the tape for correct application
  • Rap N Roll: RAP n ROLL™ instrument for $180.00
Equine Poultice | Non-Medicated Pads
Equine Poultice | Non-Medicated Pads
Oval • Square • Round

The Equine Poultice Non-Medicated Pads are layered absorbent pads that are used as equine wound dressings. They can be soaked in a poultice solution prior to application. There are three specially designed shapes/sizes to choose from (depending upon your treatment needs).

  • 3 specially designed shapes/sizes
  • Stitched from special absorbent material
  • Layered pads to treat wounds for an extended period of time
  • Can use with our horseRAP™ Universal Wound Wrap
  • Our Poultice are infused with SMARTSILVER®
  • SMARTSILVER® additive provides lasting antimicrobial protection
  • EQ-4006: Equine Poultice – Non-Medicated Pads (1 of each) for $3.90
  • EQ-4007: Equine Poultice – Non-Medicated Pads (4 Oval, 3 Square, and 3 Round) for $12.50
Kendall WEBRIL® Undercast Padding
Undercast Padding

Kendall WEBRIL® Undercast Padding is 100% cotton, retains fabric consistency whether wet or dry and its mild stretching and cohesiveness holds padding in place. This soft and comfortable wrap is used to cover wounds and hold gauze sponges in place. It can then be compressed and held in place with a horseRAP™, Coban®, and Shurtape®.

  • EQ-4013: Equine Undercast Padding 6” x 4 yards (1 roll) for $0.92
Kendall CURITY® Gauze Sponges
Gauze Sponges

Kendall CURITY® Gauze Sponges Sterile 4" X 4" 8 Ply Sterile 2's comes in a Peel-Back Package. These sterile sponges are well suited for a variety of applications; equine wound dressing, general cleaning, debriding, and as poultice application.

  • EQ-4014: Equine Gauze Sponges 4” x 4” 8 Ply (1 Sponge) for $9.63